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Santa Monica Partners - SMP Asset Management, LLC

Private Asset Management for Individual and Institutional Investors

Founded in 1982, and now in our 39th year, SMP Asset Management, LLC manages capital for both high net worth individuals and institutional investors. Since inception we have remained steadfast to our commitment to long-term investing in "stocks overlooked or ignored by otherwise intelligent investors."® We are experienced in researching, analyzing and exploiting these investment opportunities.

We strive to maintain high tax efficiency, while continuing to manage low risk profiles that possess asymmetrical risk/reward characteristics. We offer investors diversification into market segments unexplored by most mainstream analysts and fund managers.

Due to regulatory restrictions, our website is not available to the public. If you are interested in learning more, please request access below. To meet eligibility requirements, those granted access must be accredited investors. Access to our site is NOT a solicitation to invest with us, but is granted for informational purposes only.

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